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MGH Research Institute – The Mass General Research Institute promotes, supports and guides research at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Center for Faculty Development

The offices among the Center for Faculty Development aim to facilitate the career advancement and well-being of researchers such as postdocs through one-on-one meetings, programs and training, mentorship, and resources to support career development.

Postdoctoral Division (PDD) – The PDD supports our trainees and the advancement of their careers through one-on-one meetings, CV reviews, mentorship, and transition to independence.
Director: Bakhos A. Tannous, PhD
PDD Email:
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Office of Women’s Careers (OWC)
Director: Louisa Sylvia, PhD
OWC Email:
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Office of Well-Being (OWB)
Director: Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH
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Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) – The Mass General CDI is one of the first academic hospital-based centers in the country dedicated to helping build a diverse community of physicians and scientists and fostering a culture of inclusion and respect.

Harvard Medical School Office for Postdoctoral Fellows – The HMS/HSDM Office for Postdoctoral Fellows works to enhance the development and experience of the postdoctoral community. Through a combination of administrative initiatives and educational activities, the HMS/HSDM Office for Postdoctoral Fellows actively assists postdoctoral fellows in obtaining the skills necessary to pursue both academic and non-traditional careers in science and beyond. By supplementing the training received in the laboratory with career development guidance and ancillary research skills instruction, the office seeks to maintain the institutional reputation of recruiting and training the best biomedical researchers and scientific leaders of tomorrow.

HMS Ombuds Office – The Ombuds Office, established in 1991, provides its visitors with a highly confidential and informal forum in which to help them to clarify their concerns, identify their goals and consider all of their options in managing or resolving their concerns. The Ombudsperson serves students, faculty, staff and trainees of Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and is independent in structure, function and appearance. The Ombudsperson does not serve as an advocate for any party to a dispute. However, an Ombudsperson does advocate for fair treatment and processes. Some typical concerns brought to the Ombuds Office include work/learning environment and performance, fear of retaliation, professional misconduct, authorship, sexual harassment and discrimination. Any issue may be brought to the Ombudsperson. The Ombuds Office seeks to enhance the ability of all visitors to deal more effectively with challenging situations on their own. If assistance is needed beyond individual coaching, further information can be gathered on behalf of the student, referrals can be made to those with expertise in a specific area or proper authorities at the school or affiliated institution can be contacted. When appropriate, the Ombudsperson can provide shuttle diplomacy, group facilitation or informal mediation services to help find a satisfactory solution. The visitor decides which course of action, if any, is taken and that action is tailored to fit each situation.

Harvard Medical Postdoctoral Association – The goal of the Harvard Medical Postdoc Association (HMPA) is to unite postdocs in their common interests and shared concerns in order to improve the postdoctoral experience at HMS and HSDM.  To achieve this goal, the HMPA works to:

  • connect postdocs to one another through mailing lists and in-person events
  • inform postdocs about intramural and extramural resources
  • create opportunities for career development and networking
  • build a sense of community amongst postdocs
  • serve as a voice for postdocs.

MGH postdocs can access many HMPA programs.

MGB Employee Assistance Program – As we move through life’s seasons, we all are confronted with changes and challenges. Once in a while we need help in facing these times. The EAP has helped thousands of employees put their problems in perspective and get the help they needed. Our mission is to promote a healthy work environment and to enhance and maintain the well-being of all employees. Partners EAP provides free, confidential consultation, short term counseling, resources and referrals for any work/life, family or personal concerns.

Partners Office for International Professionals & Students (PIPS) – The Partners Office for International Professionals and Students (PIPS) provides immigration services for Partners Institutions, including our founding hospitals, Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Our office provides Partners hospitals access to talented professionals from all over the world. Whether you are about to travel to the U.S. to work at a Partners institution or you are an administrator involved in supervising foreign nationals, PIPS’ online resources will guide you through every step of the process.

Harvard Catalyst – Harvard Catalyst is devoted to advancing human health by supporting and innovating clinical and translational science, and training the next generation of researchers. As Harvard University’s Clinical and Translational Science Center, we serve the research community by offering courses and educational programs, research consulting, tools for study design and clinical trial collaboration, guidance on regulatory issues, and pilot funding for novel, high-impact projects – all available to trainees, fellows, and faculty. Harvard Catalyst Mentoring Program

Research Information, Science, and Computing – Your research and innovation partner in technology, data and analytics.

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