Welcome Postdoctoral Fellows

A number of dynamic and passionate postdocs have come together to form a postdoctoral association at Massachusetts General Hospital, named the Mass General Postdoc Association – MGPA. This association will serve our workplace community for research and career related matters, and it will also provide a platform for interaction of all postdoctoral research fellows.

The mission of the MGPA is to promote important aims relevant for all postdocs, belonging to the following areas:

Research advancement
  • Organization of a postdoc research seminar series
  • Invitation to faculty and fellows to participate in research presentations
  • Identification of valuable educational means
Career development
  • Organization of a postdoc career development seminar series
  • Information about existing job market databases
  • Organization of career preparation workshops
Communication and networking
  • Dissemination of postdoc-relevant information
  • Development of an MGH postdoc alumni network
  • Events  for networking and mentoring between faculty and postdocs
Quality of life and postdoc advocacy

Join our Slack by signing up with your mgh.harvard.edu email address:

All MGH postdocs are welcome to our events, https://mgpa.mgh.harvard.edu/events/