Not Networking 101—Building Relationships for Success- with Dr. Joanne Kamens To close another successful year of the MGPA mentoring program, we are pleased to host Dr. Joanne Kamens for a workshop on networking. Networking has gotten a really bad name these days.  I take your card, you take my card and then we don’t call each other.  This workshop is designed to reintroduce you to how strong professional relationships can be necessary for most people to succeed in their careers.  It will provide practical tools for meeting people and for nurturing new and established connections. This event is open to both Mentoring Program participants and MGH postdocs. Register here for the Zoom link:

Join the MGPA Social Connection, the virtual happy hour for all MGH postdocs and graduates!  On June 24th, exceptionally from 6:30-7:30 p.m., we will chat with the former MGPA Vice-Chair and current medical physicist and assistant professor, Drosoula Giantsoudi, PhD about her #MGPAth. Zoom link available by emailing mgpa[at]