Academic Job Postings

Job search engines are the most efficient method of finding positions being advertised in your field. However, if you are ‘keen’ and wish to seek out a particular University because of either the overall strength of the Department or simply because of the location, we suggest that you contact the Department Chair directly and express your interest. This information can be sought through the respective University website. Make sure that you ask your mentor(s) and multiple fellows to edit your resume and cover letters (E-mails) in order to make the best first impression.

Current Opportunities:

From Nabi, former MGPA chair and current Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at El Paso:

The University of Texas at El Paso School of Pharmacy has a opening for pharmacology and/or immunology tenure-track faculty position. An Excellent place to work with a vibrant community in the southern Texas. Very good startup package with highly competitive salary and benefit. We have such a great research and collaboration environment within the school and El Paso.;jsessionid=820DFE24466D2EC2B33C195BEF96CF79?JOBID=124560&fbclid=IwAR2t_UsING9ifIVsslC3Z4GtkEsDfjrbGL7RS1dEc22c6qp8yCJfn4JNNUU